How to Appeal Your Washington State Property Tax Assessment – 2021 – Part 3

Washington State Property Tax

Information Required For A Property Tax Appeal When appealing your property tax assessment, you should be specific about why the assessed value does not reflect market value. You can’t just state that taxes are too high or it’s overpriced–you need to show how it is unfair and/or inaccurate concerning its worth on an open marketplace. … Read more

Ethical Approaches To Property Tax Lien Management

property tax lien eithics

Property Tax Lien Asset Management Ethics The National Tax Lien Association (NTLA) developed a code of ethics for the management of tax liens for investors. The NTLA focuses on the education of investors and ethical investment and administration of tax liens nationwide.  Centerbridge Law Group voluntarily adheres to the NTLA Code of Ethics when managing … Read more

What Is A Property Tax Millage Rate?

property tax millage rate

What Does Property Tax Millage Rate Mean? A millage rate is the tax rate used to calculate local property taxes. The millage rates represent how much $1,000 of a property’s assessed value will be taxed annually for each taxing entity with jurisdiction over it, where 1% equals .001 or 10 mills. Assigned millages are applied … Read more