Do You Need A Tax Attorney?

Tax attorneys should interact effectively and negotiate with their staff and clients. Being meticulous, keen to detail, rational and logical, and an efficient communicator are critical factors for a tax attorney. A tax attorney must also be familiar with local and international tax laws. He should be determined enough to fight off fraud and tax … Read more

Personal Property Tax Appeal- Is It Worth It?

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“Collecting more taxes than is necessary is legalized robbery.” These words of wisdom, spoken by the 13th president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge, still ring true in today’s society for homeowners and business owners. Robbery may seem harsh, but what would you say if someone tried to sell you one-year-old motel sheets for 90% … Read more

When Do I Need A Tax Attorney?

Sales And Use Tax Audit traps

If you’ve been dealing with the IRS, you may wonder if you need a tax attorney. The answer depends on your situation. If you have a complex tax issue or are facing an audit, it’s probably time to seek professional help. A tax attorney can represent you in negotiations with the IRS and help you … Read more

10 Tips To Cut Your Property Tax

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Property taxes are decided collectively by school boards, town boards, legislators, and councils. The tax rate is set by collating the number of funds an area needs. This is divided by the area’s “total taxable” assessed value. The tax an individual pays is computed by multiplying the tax rate by the assessed value of your … Read more

Are Property Tax Records Public?

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For many people, the thought of their property tax records being public is a bit unnerving. After all, this information can determine how much your home is worth and even where you live. However, in most cases, these records are available to the public. So what does that mean for you? Let’s examine property tax … Read more

Washington State Property Tax Basics

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In Washington State, property taxes are one of the largest sources of revenue for local governments. They are also a significant source of funding for public schools. Property taxes are levied on both real and personal property. Real property includes land and buildings, while personal property includes cars, boats, and RVs. The tax rate on … Read more

What Is Property Tax And How Do I Pay It?

What is property tax, and how is it calculated? Property tax is a tax levied by local governments on the property of individuals or businesses. It can take various forms, including real estate taxes based on the value of land and buildings and taxes on goods and services purchased. To calculate property taxes, local governments … Read more

Don’t Forget Physical Deterioration

Are Your Missing Physical Deterioration? The most apparent elements involve physical deterioration, which can be significant enough to lower an asset’s market value. The Mass Appraisal and Equalization Systems consistently miss this critical aspect related to property tax appeals because they don’t take into account how old buildings might have suffered wholesale renovations or replacements … Read more