Property Tax Assessment Appeal

The battle over real estate taxes starts with the local assessor’s estimate. If you don't believe in that value, you have a legal right to challenge it!

A property tax assessor is responsible for placing a value on every single parcel in your county. This can be daunting. Very few assessors have the staff and resources needed to appraise all of them accurately. They use mass appraisal techniques to generate an estimate – but it’s only based on generalization. It doesn’t consider specifics like what type or how old you are home is, which neighborhood it’s located in, or if there has been any recent construction nearby.

You may be paying taxes on an inaccurate assessment, which means you’re probably not getting the most out of your property tax dollars. The more accurate a person’s assessment is, the better they’ll know how much their actual fair market value should have been and whether or not it was correctly assessed to them by county officials.

It turns out that some counties are under-assessing properties 15-25% below what their correct values would’ve been if accurately valued – meaning there might be no one who knows this besides those in charge of assessing! Not knowing these levels can lead taxpayers to believe all assessments are fair even when they aren’t and give up before pursuing any appeals for themselves.

Understanding your property taxes can allow you to negotiate a better, more accurate assessment for your property, which will reduce the annual taxes and increase your profits.

What Does The Process Look Like?

We will help you to understand the fairness of your property assessment. Our team begins by verifying that we have all relevant data for our review, and then they conduct an appraisal that considers comparable properties in your area. If there are any unusual features on your land or building(s), those factors may be taken into consideration as well when assessing value.

We offer appeals at different levels depending on how cooperative the assessor is with us. If not, we pursue higher-level appeals where a reduced valuation could result in significant tax savings for you! The best part? You won’t pay anything beyond the initial $75 evaluation fee unless we are successful.

How Much Does A Property Tax Appeal Cost?

There are several ways to get the best results. For instance, you can have us review your circumstances and prepare a summary appraisal file, which will only cost $75 upfront. This includes filing fees for your petition, as well as our hard work in creating evidence packages that make sure we’re successful on your case.


We will only charge you 35%- 45% of the taxes saved if my services prove to be successful. If not, then there is no fee owed at all!


The contingency fee is based on the value and complexity of your case. Therefore, even if you have a simple or low-value claim, we can still represent you with our extensive experience in this area for an affordable rate.

Who Do We Work With

We are selective. Our time is better spent when we limit the cases that come into us, giving our attention and care to every one of them until it’s resolved.

We will not take a case unless we believe that there is some chance for reduction. Therefore, we usually only take cases whose assessed property values are $750,000 or more. However, we’ll look at our clients’ financial condition and may occasionally take a case on a property with a lower value for those who have special circumstances to consider.

The high-end residential market is our forte. However, we understand the importance of confidentiality and discretion when representing homeowners who demand nothing but the best in their homes.

We currently focus on property tax appeals in California, Florida, and Washington State.