Property Tax Appeals Lawyer

Property Tax Appeals Lawyer

Reduces Your Property Tax Bill

Our property tax appeals lawyers are here to help you appeal your municipal taxes. They have the expertise, experience, and capability needed for any assessment case, whether commercial or residential, tenant-occupied buildings, or not. With our assistance in navigating through state statutes and local ordinances concerning this matter, we can minimize clients’ exposure as much as possible depending on their circumstances under the State’s constantly changing legislation surrounding taxation matters.

Our property tax attorneys represent owners/tenants who need help with challenging a municipality’s valuation process by appealing an individual parcel’s assessed value before it becomes due in full – thereby minimizing client liability after the fact should negotiation fail at some point during proceedings concerning said challenged assessments if there is no prior agreement.


What Do Property Tax Appeal Services Include?

Centerbridge looks at each case individually and comprehensively. Some of the services you may receive during the appeals process include:

  • Analyze the current property tax assessment to ensure accuracy and correctness so that you don’t get assessed on an inaccurate value.
  • Review the implied fair value in light of today’s market conditions.
  • Develop an action plan for appealing the assessment.
  • Utilize local assessment specialists to work with you and provide a more accurate, less expensive appraisal.
  • Determine and fight for any exemptions you are due.
  • Serve as primary counsel coordinating appeals in all jurisdictions throughout the United States. 
  • Advise clients on how to minimize their taxes using state, local, and federal tax relief, incentive, and abatement programs.
  • Counsel clients on income and property tax implications of proposed purchases or sales and assist with structuring such transactions.

Why Hire A Property Tax Appeals Lawyer?

The assessment and taxation process is a complex one that involves the multifaceted interaction of numerous government officials, agencies, taxpayers, and their counsel. Furthermore, tax appeal processes vary from state to state, with each jurisdiction within those states has its own set of standards for handling appeals cases.

We are a team of skilled lawyers, accountants, and real estate professionals that specialize in taxes. We blend our unique expertise with the current market to find your best possible refund or tax savings. Many of our property tax appeals are on a contingency fee basis, meaning you owe no legal fees unless you win your appeal.