Sales and Use Tax Services

State and Local Tax Nexus Review

Every business owner should know the tax laws in their state, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll need to determine if your out-of-state activities create tax nexus, and then you can think about how that will affect your company. Some states look at physical or economic presence, while others examine sales volume or just transporting goods through them for taxation purposes.

Centerbridge will work with you to determine your tax nexus liability and, if necessary, prepare the requisite filings and negotiate voluntary disclosure agreements on your behalf to minimize your tax liability and exposure.

State and Local Tax Audit Defense

Our objective is first to grasp what information was used by the auditor in his assessment so that we may intelligently research all statutes, regulations, letter rulings, and court decisions relevant to your case; with this knowledge at hand, we can then determine if he has acted appropriately according to current rules and guidelines set forth by industry standards as well as applicable legislation and regulation.

The Centerbridge team will work closely with your company to assemble a strong defense against the auditor’s decision and reduce current assessments. We do this by interpreting case law, information from you, and overpayment discoveries to overturn or minimize these assessments.


Use Tax Exposure Review and Refund Filings

Centerbridge identifies all transactions on which you paid sales or use tax when you didn’t have to, based on the item’s exempt status. Several issues can impact the taxability of purchased items, including specific industry-specific changes in taxation law as well as updates from federal lawmakers and court cases – but many manufacturers may not be aware of these changes at all! This leads to unknowingly overpaying for your purchases if this information is left up to chance rather than research.

Centerbridge will identify all exemptions and tax law changes that apply to your business, any overpayments from the past year, calculate their value given current rates; then direct them back into your company.