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IRS Practice Areas

Collection Due Process Appeals

You have the right to appeal any tax assessment or to challenge most enforcement actions taken by the IRS.

IRS Currently Not Collectable Status

Sometimes you can’t afford to make any payments to the IRS. We will help you request that the IRS place your account in a currently not collectible (CNC) status.

IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

The common problem is that the IRS is trying to garnish wages or attach bank accounts simply because you filed a joint tax return with a spouse who underreported income – and you didn’t know.

Payroll Tax Problems and Trust Fund Assessments

If a taxpayer fails to timely pay a tax obligation, the IRS assesses the delinquent tax obligation by entering the liability against the taxpayer in their system. An automated notice and demand for payment are then sent to the taxpayer.

IRS Installment Agreements

Often, a taxpayer receives an assessment that is so large that they cannot pay it in one lump sum. An experienced attorney can advocate on your behalf with the IRS to arrange payments over time in those situations.

Dealing With Unfiled Back Tax Returns

We work with individuals and businesses to resolve their tax situations


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