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IRS Installment Agreements

Resolving Tax Debts With Installment Agreements

Often, a taxpayer receives an assessment that is so large that they cannot pay it in one lump sum. An experienced attorney can advocate on your behalf with the IRS to arrange payments over time in those situations.

An installment agreement permits taxpayers to satisfy tax, interest, and penalty obligations over a period of time by making agreed-upon regular monthly payments. Once the IRS agrees to a payment plan, they will stop further collection actions and not enforce liens against your property. As long as you remain current with your payment obligations and make all your tax payments and filings on time, the IRS will not start enforcement actions on that tax obligation again.

Negotiating IRS Installment Agreements

Negotiations with the IRS are never easy. They enter into most situations, looking for maximum payments as quickly as possible. That may make meeting other obligations impossible. Successful outcomes require substantial knowledge of tax laws and IRS guidelines and regulations.

The minimum monthly tax payments that the IRS will accept often depends upon the application of IRS local and national standards for allowable expenses, and it is these standards that the IRS Revenue Officer will typically use in evaluating an installment offer and proposed payment amount.

The attorneys at Centerbridge Law Group, PLLC, understand how to approach negotiations with the IRS. Our trained representatives will work with you and the IRS to develop workable payment plans that will get approved.

If the IRS demands full payment or payments that you cannot afford, contact us today for a free initial consultation.