Don’t Forget Physical Deterioration

Are Your Missing Physical Deterioration? The most apparent elements involve physical deterioration, which can be significant enough to lower an asset’s market value. The Mass Appraisal and Equalization Systems consistently miss this critical aspect related to property tax appeals because they don’t take into account how old buildings might have suffered wholesale renovations or replacements … Read more

7 Simple Steps To Appeal Your Property Taxes

7 Basic Steps To Appealing Your Property Taxes When you’re considering buying a house, the first thing to do is to determine if the property’s assessed value might be too high. You can find this information by looking up your county assessor on Google.  Don’t forget about the assessor when looking at properties that might … Read more

California Residents – Have You Factored In Prop 19 In Your Estate Plan?

California Prop 19

California Property Taxes – Have You Factored In Prop 19? What Is Prop 19? In California, property taxes aren’t as straightforward. There are more variables to consider, such as your established tax rate and the home’s assessed value. The Golden State has recently passed numerous laws that mandate property tax rules. The most recent was … Read more

Property Tax Appeals Lawyer – What Do They Do?

Property Tax Appeals Lawyer

Property Tax Appeals Lawyer Reduces Your Property Tax Bill Our property tax appeals lawyers are here to help you appeal your municipal taxes. They have the expertise, experience, and capability needed for any assessment case, whether commercial or residential, tenant-occupied buildings, or not. With our assistance in navigating through state statutes and local ordinances concerning … Read more

How to Appeal Your Washington State Property Tax Assessment – 2021 – Part 5

Washington State Property Tax

Determining Fair Value The county board of equalization determines if all properties are assessed at their true and fair value. Equalization issues brought before the county board can result in changes in property values on a larger scale, so it’s important to be sure you’re getting an accurate assessment when submitting your appeal. The Hearing … Read more

How to Appeal Your Washington State Property Tax Assessment – 2021 – Part 4

Washington State Property Tax

How Do I Get Comparable Sales Data To Appeal My Assessment? You can get comparable sales information from records at the county assessor’s office, realtors, or title companies. You should use property sales that are most comparable to your property and which are sold closest to the assessment or appraisal of your property. The best … Read more

How to Appeal Your Washington State Property Tax Assessment – 2021 – Part 3

Washington State Property Tax

Information Required For A Property Tax Appeal When appealing your property tax assessment, you should be specific about why the assessed value does not reflect market value. You can’t just state that taxes are too high or it’s overpriced–you need to show how it is unfair and/or inaccurate concerning its worth on an open marketplace. … Read more