Washington State Property Tax

Information Required For A Property Tax Appeal

When appealing your property tax assessment, you should be specific about why the assessed value does not reflect market value. You can’t just state that taxes are too high or it’s overpriced–you need to show how it is unfair and/or inaccurate concerning its worth on an open marketplace.

Examples might include:

  • The recent appraisal of your property.
  • Excessive deterioration of your property.
  • Sales of similar properties reflecting a lower value for your property.

Comparing the assessment, the percentage of increase or another uniformity issue alone is not sufficient to win your case. You must provide market evidence demonstrating that comparison properties are valued at 100% true & fair market value while your parcel is not valued at 100% true and fair market value.

Your appeal must include the
following information:

  • Parcel Number of the property you are appealing.
  • County assessor’s determination of value.
  • Your estimate of value.
  • Comparable sales or other supporting evidence you wish to include.
  • Indication if you intend to submit additional evidence before the hearing.

You’ll need to submit all the necessary information at least 21 days before your hearing date with the Board of Equalization and Assessor.